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Glow Zone

Join us on Fridays and Saturdays from 7-9 or 9-11 pm for GLOW ZONE! Tickets are $20 for 2 hours. Glow shirts are required and are available for only $5.00. Sky Socks are also required and are an additional $2.50

Home School

Meet your Home School friends every 1st Wednesday 12pm-2pm! Only $10 for a 1 hour jump $16 for a 2 hour jump!

Sensory Night

Come join us on the Fourth Monday of every month from 6pm-8pm! We welcome children and adults with special needs and their families to jump for 60 minutes for $8! (Additional $2.50 for SkySocks)

Sky Fit

Burn up to 1,000 calories while having a blast. Feel that oh-so-rewarding burn in your legs, arms, and core over an hour of fitness disguised as fun. It’s one of the most dynamic, effective, and enjoyable workouts you'll ever have.

Toddler Time

Toddler Time is a great shared experience for child and parent. A time for your little ones to discover the joy of being active, bouncing under the supervision of their parents, and without interference from the big kids.

Youth Group

Come join us every Sunday from 5pm-7pm for Youth Group Night!! Bring your family, friends, and fellow youth group members for a night of fun on our trampolines!! Includes access to all of our awesome attractions as well as a slice of pizza and a drink for